Jr./Sr. High School – Oneida, NY
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A NAPCIS Member School

Holy Cross Academy exemplifies the model of the independent Catholic schools movement, springing out of the call by the Second Vatican Council and Pope John Paul II that the laity use their own unique resources in taking Christ’s message to the world.  The entrepreneurial spirit of Holy Cross allows it to implement various models of education, from both traditional and innovative sources, to reach its goal of educating the whole person - body, mind, and spirit.

Teachers at Holy Cross are keenly aware of the Catholic identity that should be evident not only in religion classes, but also in every academic, arts, physical education, and technology class.  Through that unique correlation, students learn to develop as rational and spiritual beings as they become more enlightened in the truth that unifies all subject matter.

In history classes, the influence of the Catholic Church and its saints and leaders is incorporated into the human story of civilizations and the concepts of governments.  The synchronization of the axioms of science with the truths of theology is portrayed as the teacher links faith with reason.  The glorious traditions of Catholic literature, art, and music are experienced daily in English language study and artistic endeavors. The absolute truths of mathematics reflect the absolute truths of the faith, and the logic practiced in those classes makes a lasting impact on developing minds.   The Catholic underpinnings of Romance languages reveal to students the religious culture they share with other lands and peoples.  Physical education and sports programs teach a respect for the body/soul relationship and the discipline required both for the playing field and in everyday life.

HCA students strive for excellence according to their own individual abilities as teachers work to draw out those abilities to their fullest measure.  In an atmosphere of concern and friendship, the faculty and staff establish a partnership with parents, the primary educators of their children.  The strength of this school-home linkage is a vital element in achieving the overall goal of development of the truly human person, destined to share, through knowledge and love, in God’s own life.  (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church, # 356)

The accomplishments, as well as the spirit of joy exhibited by the young men and women of Holy Cross Academy attest to the worthiness of the school’s ideals and to its hope for the future.