Jr./Sr. High School – Oneida, NY
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The Registration period begins in March. The early registration and re-registration deadline is April 1 in order to guarantee busing. However, students may apply at any time. In order to be accepted, students must submit a complete application.  They must attend an interview, be recommended by the Admissions Board and sign the Student Code of Conduct.

HCA is committed to keeping its high school education affordable, especially for young, growing families.  Tuition for 2016-2017 is $3,500 for one student and $1,750 for the second student in one family. Additional children are free. This is nearly half the cost of many other schools. The application fee for first-time students is $40.  The registration fee for returning students is $25. 

Busing is available to those in qualifying areas - if a busing application is submitted. All applicants are encouraged to apply for busing by April 1 even if they have not made a final decision regarding enrollment. Please call for details.

Those considering enrolling should keep in mind the following: HCA is not a reform school or a last resort for students in desperate situations. We are not a remedial school for behavior problems. We are not a substitute for parenting. This is a school which is designed to support the work already begun at home; an extension of the family which is teaching morality and values based upon the Faith; a place where parents do not have to be concerned about the immoral influences found in other school settings. We applaud those parents and students who may be attempting to turn around a poor situation, but that work must have already begun before applying. This is not an experimental environment.

Due to our current facility and our emphasis on manageable class sizes, enrollment is limited. Only candidates with a good probability of success will be accepted. While HCA is not necessarily a school exclusively for the academically advanced, the expectations are high. Students here are encouraged to reach their individual potential.