Jr./Sr. High School – Oneida, NY
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A NAPCIS Member School

“I would strongly encourage parents to send their kids here. They’re going to get a top-notch education, great friendships, and they’re going to grow spiritually. Give them a trial of one year and I can pretty much guarantee they won’t want to leave. They’ll want to stay at Holy Cross with their friends.”


"Catholic education must be a primary concern to all those who love Christ and the Church that He founded. There is a tremendous need within our nation today for young children to receive a solid formation in Catholic primary and secondary schools. The commitment of Holy Cross Academy to the whole truth about God and man, as communicated through the teaching of the Church, will be a beacon light which will help spread the good news of the Gospel and form a new generation of future Catholic leaders."


"Like never before, in this materialistic, godless culture, it is imperative for parents to see to the intellectual, moral and spiritual education of their children. Morality does not come naturally. It must be imparted. Better still, it must be instilled. One learns to live morally before stopping to reflect on it; children are natural imitators and nothing compensates for the absence of two loving parents and later good teachers.

I congratulate the founders of Holy Cross Academy who will provide this kind of education. Parents who send their children to Holy Cross Academy will be ensuring their intellectual, moral and spiritual formation."


“HCA has been a true blessing for all our children. The friendships with their classmates are life-long. The low teacher-to-student ratio allows each child to receive personal attention and instruction. Most importantly, the seeds of faith planted in our children’s souls are growing stronger and more vibrant each day.”